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WJSHL Week 9 Update

From the Desk of The Commish;

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;

Is supposed to be a nasty rain week (again). We’ll see what we get in for games. I heard on the radio that Hansen is “apparently still making music”, that was a direct quote. Lou was asking that question just the other day.
Monday featured the “Beat on Dave” match as Darbel was tending for the Rage. I was close at the ½ but things went terribly wrong for about 5 minutes in the second ½. The Rage was mounting a comeback with only minutes to go but could only get 2 back before Jamie eeked another past Dave. Although, it should be said that Darbel did manage to thwart Jamie 3 times with aggressive checking. So last week Lou unceremoniously smashes his stick across Kim s face and this week he lashes out with a wicked errant outlet pass right into Debs face, geez Lou, settle down. I’m kidding of course, Lou doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body (except for Leaf fans) but it is a reminder of how dangerous it can be out there so please be careful!!
Tuesday was a game. We started by getting educated by our own Ramp Rats on thunder/lightning and such and a group decided to play. It was wet, really wet out there, puddles became ponds and drains became whirlpools but the game went on. I’m purposely avoiding the score (see below for that) because I wanted to shout out 3 players that had an ongoing battle that was worth facing the weather (which did pass by the end of the game BTW). So the Double-J tandem of Justin and Jordy had a friendly/fun battle of passing/shooting vs. Matts refusal to give. Some went some were saved but there was no denying the excitement.
Wednesday was threatening but the game was on. I got an update from the spectators on 4, they report a cab driving through the game (not cautiously as we expect). I was stuck in a meeting but Trevor was able to mediate.
Thursday was the match we’ve been waiting for, it begins The Challenges (a season within a season). The Bomb Girls flew in to help us celebrate their professional workmanship, Encore and another Summer Smiles Campaign. They arrived early and Dave met them at YYC to size them up. Dave tried tiring them out before game time but those guys and gals came to play. The Bombardier squad took down the gracious hosts 6-4. Congrats to all of our WJSHL ambassadors, the Bombardier crew enjoyed their time here and were impressed with your hospitality, spirit and gamesmanship.
Of course our thoughts are with all the WJSHL’ers that are affected by the flooding. Dave says you can all bunk with him for the weekend. All the BBQ you can eat, thanks Dave.

This Week on the Street;

Mon – The Cheap Shots (0-0) 10 vs. Road Rage (0-0) 4
– Good rushes by Deb, Chris and Steve
-Not to be outdone, Dwayne was on fire. Stopping numerous shots in succession because Lou was kind of lax on D (too busy
beating people up)
-Lou did arrive a little under dressed today. Have you ever just had one of those days?

Tue – TMC (0-0) 10 vs. The Ramp Rats (0-0) 3
– Props to the Rats that went 3-on-3 format with 1 sub.
-Kim and Ann Marie held their own, Kim finally solved Darbel.
-Curtis got doused about 4 times thanks to the “stick sweep”.

Wed – TECHnically Challenged (0-0) vs. The Breakaways (0-0)
-I had a wonderful meeting, how was the game?
-Damned you cabbies that can’t take a hint. Cones are coming.

Thu – Bombardier Challenge Bombardier 6 vs. The Bomb Girls 6 vs. WJ Awesomeness 4

Fri- A Team vs. Another Squad Unless it rained, then nothing happened
-Many passes
-A few goals
-Many joyous moments

Kudos and Crap;

-Damn you rain
-Welcome to summer. FINALLY

Next Week’s Matchups

Mon- HoHo’s vs. Fifth Floor Filth
Tue- TECHnically Challenged vs. Revenue Reapers
Wed- Breakaways vs. TMC
Thu- Ramp Rats vs. Road Rage
Fri- Revenue Reapers vs. Breakaways

Keep it real playa’s,
The Commish

WJSHL Week 8 Update (belated0

From the Desk of The Commish;

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;

Have you seen the commercial that advertises a bathmat as “a carpet for your tub”. Growing up, my parents often made reference to the “carpet” in the kids tub and I don’t recall it being a selling feature. The commercial also mentions that it won’t block the drain because it has “flow through technology”. A secondary use is as a bath mat outside the shower, I don’t normally consider “flow through technology” in a bath mat. I have an aversion to wipeouts on a wet floor.
Monday saw a lopsided match, it had to do with a lack of shots from the Rage. I realize it is difficult when your hemmed into your end but there were a few opportunities, next time fire it. Excellent wheel s on the Rage but grizzled vets of the HoHo’s know how to play the angles and the clock very well. Jason was impressive again in net and Chris had a quiet day with the HoHo’s limiting chances to a few. I know the Rage was swelling with confidence after Rose was quoted saying “I don’t want the ball.” We love you Rose
Tuesdays match went to shootout after it appeared to be over early. TMC managed a comeback and then took the shootout with a beauty that eeked through Russ’ legs. I was busted, as I was prepared to yell “too many passes” I was corrected as Jason and Scott (I think) connected with a perfect Tic-Tac-Toe play. Darbel had no chance (or any other goalie for that matter).
Wednesday saw a rabid Rat team jump out to a solid start but eventually the Shots backups paraded out and eventually they prevailed. But fought for every inch of street. I was winded watching Jamie run in circles around the road and despite attempts by Tim, he managed to dominate the offensive zone. Curtis took himself out by accidentally slipping on his stick but finished strong with a swollen knee, I think ample doses of beer will help the recovery. Terrance put the exclamation point on the day with a last minute 3 save flurry.
What a week for showdowns!! Another spectacular shootout game. The Breakaways prevailed after 6 or 7 rounds of shootout hockey, good thing I cleared my 1300 before the game. Where to start? Well Ricardo supplied the guests with family in tow, it’s almost like he knew this would a quality match. So let’s acknowledge Clarabelle right off who blocked everything Scotty Savage attempted to get past her, went hard in on a rush tripping over Ricardo and had 1 goal at least. Solid game. I was a little worried late when the Breakaways allowed a 3-on-1 with 2 minutes to go and a tie score. It obviously ended ok .
Friday games are killing me so I’m going to start bypassing them to get the update out. Here is he generic update to cover all Friday games. Lots of action, great goals (not all), great saves, it went end-to-end and there was an amazing play at some point.

This Week on the Street;

Mon – The HoHo’s (0-0) 7 vs Road Rage (0-0) 1
– Loved to see Sam “Bautista” going for the fence (except it’s hockey).
-I think it was Paul that was hauling ass up and back. Your wingers should be at the goal ready for you.
-Solid mid play by Dean, not much going past him low.

Tue –TMC (0-0) 5 vs, TECHnically Challenged (0-0) 4 SHOOTOUT!!
– Relentless Leanne, attack, attack, attack
-Where is sniper Troy or Symes?
-Joe was displaying the new TMC Business uniform.

Wed –The Cheap Shots (0-0) 7 vs. The Ramp Rats (0-0) 4
-First all lady line in gameplay. Great job Faith, Alana, Kylah and Trevor.
– Perry is on a break and will be sorely missed. Almost impossible to replace that attack.
-Ty was busy thwarting 2 on 1’s and Troung remained stalwart in the D zone.

Thu – The Breakaways (0-0) 5 vs. The 5th Floor Filth 4 (0-0) 4 SHOOTOUT!!!

Fri- The HoHo’s (0-0) 5 vs. TECHnically Challenged (0-0) 4
-Spitting rain kept the surface interesting. Quote from the sideline towards Mr. Airdrie “You can get muscle there?”.
-Lyndsay unloaded and the much anticipated matchup of Greg and Jamie never came about.

Kudos and Crap;

-2 amazing shootouts. Kudos to all 4 squads

Next Week’s Matchups

Mon- Cheap Shots vs. Road Rage
Tue- Ramp Rats vs. TMC
Wed- HoHo’s vs. Breakaways
Thu- Bombardier Challenge
Fri- Fifth Floor Filth vs. TECHnically Challenged

Keep it real playa’s,
The Commish

WJSHL Week 7 Update

From the Desk of The Commish;

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;

So who’s familiar with the radio commercial about some ancient societies secrets of making money? Just attend the seminar, let me save you the time. Here’s the secret;
1) Find a city of gullible people.
2) By some radio time.
3) Record these instructions on CD (several thousands of copies)
4) Invite people to a seminar and sell them the CD’s.
You’ll make money and you won’t need to join the Illuminati, the Masons, a coven or a Druid cult (Pradeep didn’t join any, he just enjoys
wearing toga’s).
Tuesday saw a competitive match between the 5th vs Road Rage. The Rage is on the edge, maybe just 1 too many passes on the rush but when they get a shot on they are always a threat. Sam was having a blast in his “first” official street hockey game, good play. Hoyles keeps attempting to recruit Cory but I’m pretty sure Cory is enjoying his “hired gun” status. I may ask Scotty Sharp to host a snapshot clinic to keep it low and deadly
Wednesday, apparently Jamie missed the net a few times but who’s counting (5 consecutive). Dwayne was enjoying his close checking way too much, the jury’s still out if Reginato was hip checking or attempting to court someone. Great to see Deke out there, he hasn’t missed a step. Speed with these squad was amazing even Lou got in the mood and attempted a rush. Kudos to the Challenged who defended for a full 2 minutes with the goalie pulled, applied major pressure only to be stifled by Terrance. Great end to the match.
Ending the week on a high note. By far, the best game of the year as the Ho/Ho’s prevailed in a 6-5 match. I think the difference was Garnett, it was an epic battle between Chris and Jordy that went back and forth but I think that one glove stop gave Chris the edge today. Ok seriously, Lyndsay double teamed, stick handles through and scores, out-effing-standing talent!!! Not to be outdone, Christi is normally back on D, brings it in fails to get the shot but hauls ass back all the way back to take away a TMC opportunity, speed kills (and so does she lol). I hope we see a few more matches like that this year.
Captains, you have an important e-mail coming this afternoon, please read it.

This Week on the Street;

Mon – Wet ?? Maybe at 0800 but not at game time.
– I like cookies
-Dave likes Oreo’s (he’s kinda high class)
-Trevor prefers biscuits

Tue –The 5th Floor Filth (3-3) 8 vs Road Rage (1-3) 3 (It should be 4 but controversy)
-Teams were warmed up and ready to roll and we got solid 48 minutes of play time in
-The Tic-Tac-Toe line was clicking with Clarabelle potting a few.
-Hounslow’s reach is “almost” indefensible.

Wed – The Cheap Shots (4-1) 5 vs. TECHnically Challenged (3-2) 3
-Dennis, regarding that hip check. I just heard the reference “cat in heat”. So accurate 
-Russ took a minute or 2 to get his bearings but was solid between the pipes
-We missed Cam’s dance moves but Manny was seen on the side lines. Is he scouting now??

Thu – The Ho/Ho’s (2-2) 6 vs. TMC (4-2) 5
-That guy looked familiar. Is it Crosby? Is it Toews? No, it’s just Pradeep, welcome back brother.
-The Lyndsay/Rich tandem is stressing Darbel’s stick, it’s started falling apart.
-One bounce away from a shootout, was not to be today.

Kudos and Crap;

– Sadly there is no Dirty Sanchez reference this week (in writing anyway).
-Shout out to our ambassadors that will be kicking some Bombardier butt in two weeks. Block your calendars June 20.

Next Week’s Matchups

Mon- Road Rage vs. HoHo’s
Tue-TMC vs. TECHnically Challenged
Wed-Ramp Rats vs. Cheap Shots
Thu-5th Floor Filth vs. Breakaways

Keep it real playa’s,
The Commish

WJSHL Week 6 Update

From the Desk of The Commish;

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;

The execs have been busy the last few weeks lining up the partner matches for the season and we are happy to have them returning and a few new exciting ones ready to come to Our House to play. Further details will be coming regarding this as the dates get closer.
Monday was a great battle, once again it was a game of bounces as it actually could have gone either way. The Rats had several opportunities but “just missed” on the final pass or shot. Although he tried to play it down, The Rammer was out (refusing to don the green of the Filth but still present none the less), is something afoot?
Tuesday saw the triumphant return of Kim (or reasonable facsimile) to the Breakaways. I say facsimile because whoever that was, she scared the “Cover Boy” (see attached). I also need to caution you that Rrrricardo has several potential modeling shoots in Milan and Paris upcoming (not really !!) so please help him stay pretty and keep the sticks down. A word of advice Ric, don’t worry so much it causes your hair to fall out. Sorry, was that too late? We may need to consider a “Rrrricardo Booth” at the Fall Fair if this celebrity continues.
Wednesday saw no action, I assume the princesses of sugar foresaw the weather and rescheduled. On a side note, submarines, apparently, are not as big as they make them out to be in movies.
Thursday was again soggy and so the game was rescheduled. In other news, French kiss is finally a term in France, they can now stop langue lutter or whatever the hell they did before. They still have not recognized Dirty Sanchez however, so it will remain a Sale Jodoin (it’s still a legacy Alain) for now.
We were back in business Friday with an outstanding match to end the week. The Reapers fell to a pumped TMC 6-3. The Reapers didn’t even start clicking until the last 3 minutes but it was too little too late. Darbs made some decent saves and even had time for game tutoring from Doaner. Great way to end the week and lets face any week is a great week when I can reference Dirty Sanchez and only offend Alain.

This Week on the Street;

Mon – 5th Floor Filth (2-3)10 vs. The Ramp Rats (0-6) 5
-Don’t judge a game by its score, The Rats were literally a bounce or two away from a different outcome.
-Geez, that guy looks familiar. Do my eyes deceive me? Is “The Ramdanny” actually supporting the Filth?? WTF
-Gameplay was outstanding by all but I will shout out to Amanda and Clarabelle of the Filth. Nice finish ladies.
-Numerous Rats stand out but I will shout out to Perry and Tim. I think the gravel had lots to do with this seemingly
lopsided outcome. Not diminishing Devon’s effort between the pipes on short notice.

Tue – The Cheap Shots (3-1) 12 vs.The Breakaways (2-2) 5
-Joe was counting on Karma after relenting on the crossbar shot. However, Kim did not 
-Speaking of Kim (alter ego Nasty B)guess who had an extra helping of attitude. She even scared “Cover boy” Greenidge (Mr.
Airdrie, see attached). Yes ladies, it’s Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Rrrrricardo and guys don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.
-Welcome back to The Terror, between the pipes posting his first win for the Shots. We missed you brother.

Wed –No Game (Rescheduled)

Thu – No Game (Rescheduled)

Fri – TMC (3-1)6 vs. The Revenue Reapers (4-1) 3
-Jordy and Michele are a deadly combination (I think Sewell would second that).
-C-Man is always dangerous hovering at center.
-Good strong D sticks on both ends at least limited the scoring chances

Kudos and Crap;

– Ball shagger, ball shagger, my kingdom for a ball shagger. Hell, bring in a dog as long as the balls make it back before we run out.
– I’m pretty sure we asked people to “limit” the desperation shots that always miss the net and go 12 miles up the road. Please stop taking them so the game can flow relatively uninterrupted.
– Special shout out to the enthusiastic crowd at the Farm Girls truck. It won’t be the last time we host the girls.

Next Week’s Matchups

Mon-Revenue Reapers vs. Breakaways
Tue-Road Rage vs. 5th Floor Filth
Wed- TECHnically Challenged vs. Cheap Shots
Thu- HoHo’s vs. TMC

Keep it real playa’s,
The Commish


WJSHL Week 3 Update

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;


Let’s start this week with Zombies. There are many questions about them with the tv/movie craze, my observation is this;

They are undead, they are basically a moving chunk of meat, possibly a rump roast or maybe stewing “beef”.  Here’s my point, the clothes rot, the flesh on their head and arms seem to decay and decompose but the legs keep going on year after year chasing people around (Walking Dead).  Let me know if you want to go see a movie with me, my friends all seem to be busy when I ask, strange.

Monday was hot hot hot. Ok, I get a little excited because I didn’t lose the functionality of my hands. TMC responded to the Rage 10-4  it was the Squad 51 game (who can forget Kevin Tighe, Randolph Mantooth and the lovely Julie London). J-Mac actually stood on his head but did succumb to some amazing passing plays and then there’s Rose. I’m sorry Rose , it could happen to anyone. It hasn’t, but I’m sure it could.  I’m also pretty sure Craig wasn’t laughing, maybe, possibly, ok he probably was.

Given the weather I was surprised Tuesday was a little light on spectators. I think we will go ahead with Dwayne Storey Bobblehead Day to pump up attendance, stay tuned for that. A solid match with some not-so-incidental contact and a few long bomb launches, after that worked itself out the match was on. The Filth is looking good but are missing opportunities (hitting the net), Hoyles is doing everything but tending and hired gun Cory got the hat trick I believe. What’s that quote Mike? They’re just teeth, I’m sure they will grow back.

Wednesday saw our first official shootout after a hard fought battle. The Reapers came back from a 2-0 deficit to take the match 3-2. What appeared to be a rush to nowhere (like an Alaskan bridge)ended being the tying marker as Thomas bulged the twine, nice solo effort. It was a little strange to see all the scoring came from shooters with a substantial wind in their face, maybe it caused a knuckleball affect. Who knows? Another great match.

Thursday was beautiful day ………………………………………………………………………………………. Ok we also played some hockey. My dark horse Rats stumbled against TECHnically Challenged 9-1. My voice seemed to failing me, I could swear I may have gently urged the Rats to shoot, shoot, shoot. Alois doesn’t give you much so you need to pepper him. Of course Dave “loudly” cursed him by saying the “S” word (could be a tv show). The other advice is the obvious stuff (easy to say from the sideline) never let Troy shoot, ever!!

I’m out of town next week but will be watching Twitter for updates. The league exec will look after the games until I get back.


This Week on the Street;


Mon – TMC (3-0) 10 vs. Road Rage (1-2) 4

– Capital C (Symes) unloaded a beaut that found the top corner. WITH AUTHORITY!!

-I think it was Coast to Coast Kissel that’s going for a shot/attempted shot record, hit the net and you never know with Dave.

-Well played game all around, the score is deceiving.

Tue – The Cheap Shots (1-1) 8 vs. 5th Floor Filth (1-2) 5

-Fairweather Lou rolls in with a few minutes left and the victory appeared secure so he could get in on the butt slapping.

-Hired gun Garnett tended for the Shots and secured the win. Fili kept the Filth alive with some late game heroics in net.

-The rumor is abuzz with talk of Terrance?

Wed – The Revenue Reapers (2-1) 3 vs. HoHo’s (0-2)2           Shootout

-Opponents will have another season trying to solve Christi’s shutdown D. Good luck with that “she has game”.

-Sewell breaks out the poke check in the shootout.

-Hong!!! Seriously ?? Nice shootout winner.


Thu – TECHnically Challenged (3-0) 9 vs. The Ramp Rats (0-3) 1

– No real soft goals against the Rats, the Challenged have snipers aplenty.

-The Rats had great block and good sticks. Curtis made another javelin. I think we will feature those in the store.

-Next time we have an anonymous truck on street we may need to call the “tug” to relocate it to “Deep Purple”.


Kudos and Crap;


– A general Kudos to all the shaggers that are retrieving our balls.

-Why can’t all vehicles be like our WJ bus? Wait 10 seconds and we’ll let you through.

-Shout Out to Kylah (5FF retired or is she??). Good to see you back.



Next Week’s Matchups


Mon – TECHnically Challenged vs. Breakaways

Tue – HoHo’s vs. Ramp Rats

Wed – Revenue Reapers vs. 5th Floor Filth

Thu – Cheap Shots vs. TMC



Keep it real playa’s,

The Commish

WJSHL Week 2 Update

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;


I can’t help but think that the “Febreeze” commercials would be more effective I had a reaction to compare it to. Lock some people in the room/car before and let me see what happens. Cam often mentions how he thinks our change area reminds him of a blooming spring meadow (although he always changes next to “Lilac” Lavallee).

Monday had some climatic challenges, few people know that Darbel is a big time survivalist. I know this because he is always claiming that he is “in training” to explain why his hands are constantly down his pants. We all had warm hearts however because we were able to re-introduce “Frankenboard”. Thanks to Mike Compston who managed to re-wire our dead scoreboard, I think he stripped a simulator down to get the parts (or maybe it was Ferio’s car). Shout out to Mike.

The game moved quickly because nobody wanted to stop and freeze as a blustery wind howled down the street. The game had moments, Brandi went “Old School” with a straight blade and beauty backhand past Dwayne, Sherry controlled the offensive zone for the final 5 as her teammates held the line defensively and, of course, Swami and Cam applied pressure to try to spoil Sewell’s 1st shutout (nothing doing).

Tuesday wasn’t any warmer on the Dark Side of the street. Now I know you look at the score of this match and grimace BUT don’t let the numbers fool you, it was worth frostbitten digits to watch. Red’s Breakaways took the game 8-3 but that was thanks to Ricardo going all (insert your favorite goalie name here) and that the Rats could not buy a goal despite some great rushes. I’m happy to have my first Commish assist of the season after a bounce off the gut, I’m ok although Darbel offered to examine it for me (26 times, AWKWARD!).

Wednesday wasn’t tropical but I’ll take it. My co-workers are happy I’m not quietly sobbing at my desk from the burn of frostbite. Things looked a little hairy to start as Alois was alone but his squad eventually made it out. Troy is almost game shape and is hitting the net. I’m noticing improved east-west passing in front of the goal. Our minders will be jumping this season (literally).

I missed an exciting matchup Thursday that came down to seconds on the clock. Big C recovered and inbounded to set up the winner by . Is the honeymoon over for Fili? Is the drive for five going to be in an Amish carriage, a K-car or a slick new Ferrari? We’ll see.


This Week on the Street;


Mon – Revenue Reapers (1-1) 3 vs. Cheap Shots (0-1) 0

-Great job by both keepers to stay engaged in the cold. Sewell gets his first shutout.

-Curb battles aplenty between Swami and Sherry.

-April showers bring May flowers so WTH does April flurries bring?

Tue –  The Breakaways (1-1) 8 vs. The Ramp Rats (0-2) 3

– The keepers stole the show.

– “Top Shelf” Trithart snipes the corner on “Rock Solid” Rojas from 50 yards (but he was screened by Jodoin at center!, take

one for the team Joe).

– “Iron Hands” Greenidge had a nothing but net opportunity but the shot was willed wide by “Crouching Tiger” Cormack (he

may or may not wield a stick to make a save)


Wed – TECHnically Challenged (2-0) 8 vs. Road Rage (1-1) 2

– Just need a few more shots from the Rage but they haven’t met Alois before.

-Deflection of the year thus far goes to “Luv my Cup” Traxel (that’s using your head, John)!

Thu – TMC (2-0) 7 vs 5th Floor Filth (1-1) 6

– I missed it L


Kudos and Crap;


-Shout out again to Mike Compston for reviving Frankenboard.

-Good Luck to everyone participating in the Cassie Campbell Tournament tomorrow. Make us proud (except you Lou, you may

continue disappointing us).

So if you want to go out and support the team (except Lou) on Friday here is their schedule.

At the Olympic Oval

            Game 1 : 10:00 am (Rink 1)

Game 2 : 1:00 pm (Rink 1)

Game 3 : 3:00 pm (Rink 4)



Next Week’s Matchups


Mon – Road Rage vs. TMC

Tue – 5TH Floor Filth vs. Cheap Shots

Wed – Revenue Reapers vs. Ho Ho’s

Thu – TECHnically Challenged vs. Ramp Rats



Keep it real playa’s,

The Commish

WJSHL Week 1 Update

Idle Banter and Random Thoughts;


Have you noticed the lady in the Scotia Bank mortgage commercial is shocked/surprised (rightfully so) to see a marching band in her garage but seems oblivious to the stranger in the passenger seat that is recording her?  Voyeur fetish perhaps?  Ok, I watch too much television. At least we have a new season to get some fresh air, bond with our co-workers and abuse Pradeep (oops sorry that should have been “inside” typing).

Monday saw the new look Filth competing with the HO/HO’s. Games don’t get much better, a tentative start gave way to contested real estate up and down the street, quality scoring chances and solid backstopping. All in all for the first game, very impressive. There were 2 unfortunate accidents (nothing malicious) so just a reminder the weather is chilly and the balls get hard so be aware AND if you piss Amanda off she will probably score on you J.

I missed Tuesday’s match due to a previous commitment (hey, it happens) but I did get updated. The passing was impressive given it’s so early in the season. TECHnically Challenged has been quietly and quickly rising up to contend. “Imagine the possibilities” (scrap that, Lotto called and threatened to sue me).

Wednesday saw TMC taking on The Breakaways. I have to get used to the new look squads. The Dolly Parton game (9-5) was fun, one Ricardo needs to stop looking behind (you’re better than you think) and the other Ricardo is always looking forward as he goes coast to coast and potted a beaut. When C-Symes finds his range and accuracy and The Breakaways start shooting more, both squads will find success.

I’m emotionally drained guys. After 3 long seasons of adverse weather, a few tumbles and the odd bounce off the face it appears our mighty scoreboard has bitten the dust. It was expected, I cautioned the captains and players that machine was approaching the end and sadly, Wednesday it seems to have passed peacefully. I was tuned out for the first part of the game, it could have been 5 minutes or 20 minutes, who knows? The board was out. I was reliving its past glory, the championship countdowns, the Media Day cheers and jeers, The All Star game tally’s. Such a impactful existence  should be celebrated. After I recover emotionally, we may invite a food truck to help celebrate our loss of our friend (insert sobbing here). We are sourcing a replacement.

Thursday brought the debut of Road Rage against the Ramp Rats. Apparently it was “British Colony Day”, in celebration of our history we had grey skies, grey jerseys on one side of the street, grey jerseys on the other side of the street and Darbel showed up with a mouthful of rotten teeth. How glorious. We will be returning the pinnies although I don’t think the rematch is in the “near” future. Grats on the NKOTB on their successful debut (Dave probably has a few of their songs on the shuffle, see below)

All in all it was a great kickoff week, congratulations to all the players for surviving. By the way, we have started a “subs” list on the league signup sheet if any captain would like to bolster their numbers for a game.

This Week on the Street;


Mon – 5th Floor Filth (1-0) 5 vs. HO/HO’s (0-1) 4

-Fili delivers between the pipes for the Filth. How long will the honeymoon last?

-Arch nemesis in April – Cold Balls! Eh Rich?

-For those that braved the chill, that was WJ Street Hockey!! Great start to the season.


Tues – TECHnically Challenged (1-0) 5 vs. The Revenue Reapers (0-1) 2

-Sorry I missed this one


Wed – TMC (1-0) 9 vs. The Breakaways (0-1) 5

– Despite the score, this game could have gone either way.

-The snipers are honing their skills, range adjustments.

-Good hustle but more rubber on the opposition tender is required.


Thu – Road Rage (1-0) 5 vs. Ramp Rats (0-1) 2

-I will offer this advice to the Rage. “Subs are your friends”

-The Rats appear in form, now they just need to take a few more shots.

-I think I may start sourcing oxygen for August J.


Kudos and Crap;


-Welcome aboard to all the Fresh Meat. The Rats are now grizzled vets.

-Shout out to all that prepped the street, special notice to Chris Garnet for working The Deer. The street has never been cleaner (and


-Darbel has redone the tunes for games. There may be a few songs that could sooth the savage beast (Afternoon Delight?

Really?) but don’t stand for it.  Rage Against the Machine!!


Next Weeks Matchups


Mon      Cheap Shots vs. Revenue Reapers

Tue         Ramp Rats vs. The Breakaways

Wed       Road Rage vs. TECHnically Challenged

Thu         5th Floor Filth vs. TMC


Keep it real playa’s,

The Commish

Waffles & Chix help WJSHL celebrate the upcoming season

Now that the NHL is back and in full swing, it’s time to start thinking more hockey… STREET HOCKEY! Registration will be open for teams/individuals February 1. In conjunction with sign up, we’re bringing back another WJSHL favorite: a FOOD TRUCK!!!


On Friday, February 1st  Waffles & Chix (menu attached) will be setting up shop at the WestJet Campus to sell some fresh Chicken ‘n Waffles! They have confirmed that they will DONATE a PERCENTAGE of sales during this event to the charity that the WJSHL plays for, Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta (RMSHA). The percentage will depend on how business is that day, so please EAT LOTS!!!!!!!


We ask that you please help spread the word! Waffles&Chix Food Truck should be set up for 1030 and will remain onsite until 1400 (or until they SELL OUT!).

WJSHL Update #5

From the Desk of The Commish;


A short week and possibly adverse weather but Tuesday was warm ( a little breezy) but good playing weather. The Canadians unveiled their “ringer” (welcome to the league Jordy) and things are looking very positive, HOWEVER, Lou countered by contracting Jess between the pipes for the Shots. Despite numerous opportunities TMC couldn’t solve Jess in the latter half and it cost them dearly. The Shots maintained solid pressure but both sides were guilty of lax defensive efforts at times as well. Good on Cam he was on fire and was Swami on “D”.

K.O.R. continues to build, realign, recruit as the season rolls along the freshest meat on the squad is Sam L. (welcome aboard). The game started innocent enough however a theme/formula soon became apparent

(Lack of D + Lack of shots)/Missed Opportunities = Blowout

Final 12-4 Filth.

Nothing happening Thursday. Da doo run run ……………………. Whatever happened to that Cassidy KID?

Traffic go, traffic stop, all must heed the traffic cop ………………….. piano lessons

On to Friday, no tunes ….wet. Lou will sing…..vetoed by Perkins. I was a little late but as I understand it 5-4 last minutes, big push by the Slashers OT Baby. 5-5

Round 1 Nope

Round 2 Nada

Round 3 Zip

Round 4 Zilch

Round 5 Cob

Round 6 Sweet F………wait a second, who invited the new guy!!!! Winner Reaper 6-5.



This Weeks Action


May 22


The Molson Canadians (3-1) vs. The Cheap Shots (1-2)

            -The Shots secure victory without the mighty Lou on the back end.

-As is the case this year the streak of 3 before a loss seems the norm, solid start by TMC.

-I don’t know all the talent on the Shots yet but they will be a force to be reckoned with. Parity Rocks.         



May 23


5th Floor Filth (4-1) vs. Kind Of Rough (0-4)

-The Diff was in for The Master for KOR, too bad the Filth have hit their stride again.

-Good to see Clair and Carlyn both finishing some impressive goals.

-KOR needs a little more emphasis on D. Actually they need to play D.


May 24


TECHnically Challenged (3-1) vs. Ramp Rats (1-3)



May 25

5-6 Shoot Out

The Slashers (1-3) vs. Revenue Reapers (2-2)

-Profit Share

-Profit Share

-Profit Share (I’m too distracted)



Next Week’s Games


May 28

Victorious Secret (0-3) vs. The Breakaways (3-1)


May 29

Hard On’s/Hard Off’s (3-0) vs. The Molson Canadians (3-1)


May 30

Ramp Rats (1-3) vs. 5th Floor Filth (4-1)


May 31

Kind Of Rough (0-4) vs. Revenue Reapers (2-2)


June 1

TECHnically Challenged (3-1) vs. The Breakaways (3-1)



Completely Unrelated Crap


– So if the main complaint in these singing shows is song selection and the singers aren’t selected the songs they sing. Who’s fault is it when  they lose?

-Can a single occurrence be a trend?

WJSHL Update #4

From the Desk of The Commish;


It was a nice day off last Friday but we are back in business this week. Monday matched a determined Cheap Shots against Red’s Breakaway’s, Lou recruited The Mighty Jess to tend goal in the hopes of stopping Red’s Big Machine in its tracks. Everything was pointing to a low scoring affair as gameplay went back and forth with opportunities at both ends. Neither tender was giving an inch, and then it happened, the first one got past Jess.

So then I go miss Tuesday and Wednesday games and they turn out to be awesome matches, oh well tons of hockey ahead.

Thursday was dreary but we are the WJSHL so it was Game On. The Rats had a few spares and VS had 1 spare, the match of limited rosters. The dreary weather proved to be an asset to prevent any overheating. Justin G. tended goal (sand goalie stick) so there were going to be challenges. The game looked as bleak as the weather for VS as “the S word” appeared to be inevitable but alas Steve P. finally potted one to crack the goose egg. Kim was making some brilliant blocks although I wonder how many were intentional, ouch. In the end the Rats finally secured their first victory.

A great way to end the week, 2 undefeated squad battling on a day without gloom. It was a close match at the ½ as the Breakaways finally solved Chris in the final minute of the half. But after 3 wins the Breakaways fell to the still undefeated HO/HO’s, final score was 8-2. The HO/HO’s have to play this season and have balanced their attack and their  back-check is very strong. It may be a very interesting season with parity across the masses and couple of Hot Shot squads taking care of business.

There is still interest from additional players and some of the rosters are still a little light to be consistently competitive so I urge the captains of the smaller rosters to consider recruits. I hope everyone has a safe long weekend and as you partake in your quota of Corona’s remember the long, hot summer of matches ahead of you (if you feel the need for drinking inspiration).


This Weeks Action


May 14


The Cheap Shots (0-2) vs. The Breakaways (3-0)

            -Great start as both squads went back and forth but unfortunately it is the finish that determines the winner.

-Davidson will say otherwise but the scoring from behind the goal is usually lucky.

-Ricardo, Ricardo, Ricardo What have you been eating? And why does it take so long to strap on your pads?



May 15


TECHnically Challenged (3-1) vs. 5th Floor Filth (3-1)

            -The Challenged now regroup after their undefeated streak of 3 ends, unceremoniously.


May 16


The Slashers (1-2)  vs. Kind Of Rough (0-3)

-I missed the game but it looks like it was a defensive battle …………………….oh wait


May 17


Victorious Secret (0-3) vs. Ramp Rats (1-3)

-Like a Disney movie, the Rats prevailed in the game of limited rosters. Go Flying V.

-In a losing cause Steve P. goes all Carter-like with the hat trick.

-The Rats are their way, Ann Marie is giving Disney their pound of flesh for the win.


May 18


Hard On’s / Hard Off’s (3-0) vs. Breakaways (3-1)    

            -Solid goaltending was required on both ends, which was a sign of quality attacks.

-I’ll give props to Pradeep and Rich as they managed impressive top corner snipes that have been lacking thus far from other teams.

-Christ was on fire and shut down most attacks before they gained the offensive zone, spectacular!



Next Week’s Games


May 22

The Molson Canadians (3-0) vs. The Cheap Shots (0-2)


May 23

5th Floor Filth (3-1) vs. Kind Of Rough (0-3)


May 24

TECHnically Challenged (3-1) vs. Ramp Rats (1-3)


May 25

The Slashers (1-2) vs. Revenue Reapers (1-2)



Completely Unrelated Crap


Did you know that Allen Lulu from the A&W commercials has no formal dance experience? I couldn’t tell at all.